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I’m a Krav Maga Instructor and a Certified TASER Trainer and that’s no coincidence.

Recently I posted a TASER advertisement on Facebook in the Krav Maga group and immediately received a comment: What does TASER have to do with Krav Maga?

Well, weapons change: tactics change and Krav Maga and any other self-defense system needs to adapt constantly. Just like once in the past, the bow and arrow was replaced with firearms. In the future, firearms will be replaced with much more sophisticated weapons such as Electromagnetic Weapons (EMP) and Direct Energy Weapons (DEW).


Many people confuse TASER with a Stun-Gun. Here is the major difference:

Stun Gun is a direct contact electric weapon that works on the pain-compliance principle and does not cause involuntary incapacitation.

TASER is a Conducted Energy Weapon (CEW) that is capable of inducing motor-nerve incapacitation and may be used from a safe distance.


Although, it is unlikely that you will be attacked by someone using TASER it may make a great addition to your Krav Maga or self-defense training. TASER disperses AFIDs (Anti-Felon Identification Tags) on deployment, making it less than the number one weapon of choice for unlawful use. AFIDs look like little confetti with a microprinted serial number. You would never be able to pick up every single one of them in a hurry, leaving the evidence at the crime scene.


Everyone who trains Krav Maga understands that our main objective is to come back home safely. We don’t play heroes or at least we shouldn’t.

Imagine a knife attack scenario. What would be your plan of action?

1. Escape if you can

2. Use a weapon of opportunity for defense

3. Use a self-defense technique to disarm or subdue the attacker.

Now imagine that you don’t have to look for a weapon of opportunity, because you have one on you and not just any weapon but the one specifically designed to incapacitate the attacker instantly. Wouldn’t that be a game changer?

I’m even willing to risk the statement that a TASER may be more effective to stop the knife attack than a firearm.


Well, you’ve probably heard of the 21-foot rule that we teach to Law Enforcement. It states that an attacker armed with a knife can cover the distance of 21 feet before the officer can draw his service weapon and fire the first shot.

On top of that, if that shot and any subsequent shots don’t hit the major organ especially the brain, heart or any part of the nervous system the attacker may be able to continue until they begin to lose blood.

On another hand, TASER causes instant incapacitation making it impossible for the attacker to continue.

Whether you carry a gun or a TASER your self-defense training will play a major role in this kind of situation and you will need to deal with it accordingly until you’re able to draw your weapon.


TASER is currently legal to own and carry in 48 States, making it a great, accessible self-defense weapon.

It is a “less-lethal” weapon as advertised by AXON Enterprises – the manufacturer of TASER claims that on eight million uses there were zero fatalities, so you can safely assume it to be a non-lethal device.


TASER Pulse + is a civilian version of TASER. It works exactly the same and carries the same power as the Law Enforcement version. The difference is the compact design, great for concealed carry. The fact that TASER Pulse+ delivers continues electrical impulse for 30 seconds as oppose to 5 seconds on Law Enforcement models makes it a better option for civilians. This feature on the civilian model allows you time to evacuate safely. It also connects to your smart phone app via Bluetooth and will notify the authorities and send them your location when the trigger is pulled, giving you assurance that help is on the way.


As a Krav Maga Instructor and a self-defense professional I realize the danger of the real street attack. You might be dealing with multiple and often armed attackers. Getting a little competitive advantage in the form of the TASER Pulse + may make a difference in the outcome. You’ll probably still have plenty to do, so, no worries. I believe TASER can be a great compliment to your Krav Maga training.

Written by Greg Dziewonski

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